Study programmes for Erasmus+ students

In general there are two study programmes to choose the lessons for the learning agreement.

Please note !
Students are only eligible to select classes from the MA program if they fulfill the admission
requirements. These include at least a BA degree and, for non-native speakers, a level B2
English language certificate.

Semester Terms:

Autumn term (Oct-Feb): Semester 1. /3. /5. /7.
Spring term (Apr-Jul): Semester 2. / 4. / 6. / 8.


Physical Education Teaching Programme

This program is for all types of german schools and offered in German only.

Course Programme :

Course Programme – Physical Education

Detailed course description of Teaching Programme (German):

Modulhandbuch MS Didaktik 2016_02-1


Master’s Programme „Physical Activity and Health“

The Master’s Programme is a full time study programme for international students and offered in English only.

Programme structure: